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📌Routing Astrakhan - ATYRAU (RUS) 365km, 6h11min
  1. Astrachan zur Grenze Kasachstan = 79.74km, 1h25min

  2. Qurmangazi - Atyrau = 242km, 3h33min


TAG 16 AYTRAU = Ruhetag

Historical excursion tour of the monuments of the Atyrau region.

Atyrau - Sarayshyk village - Sarayshyk settlement museum (53 km). Arrival in Sarayshyk village, transfer to the memorial complex "Khan Ordaly Sarayshyk". Visit and excursion to the memorial complex "Khan Ordaly Sarayshyk".

The memorial complex consists of a one-story museum building, a small mosque and a pantheon in honor of the seven khans buried on the territory of the ancient city. In 1999, a museum and memorial complex - "Khan Ordaly Sarayshyk" was opened in the village of Sarayshyk, Makhambet district, Atyrau region. It is believed that seven Golden Horde khans were buried in Saray-Dzhuk.

In the center of the pantheon there is a dry sacred tree - Aulie-Agash. Visit to the mausoleum. Transfer: memorial complex - the ancient settlement of Sarayshyk (3 km). Visit to the archaeological excavations at the ancient settlement of Sarayshyk, a walk along the bank of the Ural River. The ancient settlement of Sarayshyk is located on the bank of the Ural River.

The ancient settlement of Saraychik is the remains of the city of Saraychuk. Its foundation, according to written tradition, dates back to the 13th century. The earliest archaeological date obtained as a result of excavations dates back to the beginning of the 14th century.

2. Attractions of the city of Atyrau

Atyrau (until 1991 the city of Guryev) is a port city in Kazakhstan. It is the capital of the Atyrau region of the same name. The city is located in the northwestern part of Kazakhstan on the Ural River, 45 km from the northern shore of the Caspian Sea. Atyrau was founded in 1640 by the Guryev brothers, Russian merchants. Until 1708, the village was called Yaitsk (Lower Yaitsk). It was later named Guriev after its founders until it received its current name after Kazakhstan gained independence.

Atyrau's important industries include oil refining and chemicals, as well as mechanical engineering, fishing, and meat processing. The city is home to the headquarters of Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan's largest oil company by oil production volume. Atyrau has a river port. Atyrau is located on the international railway line from Astrakhan along the Volga to Orsk in Siberia. This route has lines to Tashkent in Uzbekistan and Almaty.

Here are some attractions near the hotel that you may want to see:

A square with a monument erected in honour of the legendary figure, warrior, and statesman - Sultan Beibarys. This is the only monument in the world erected to the great Kipchak who became the ruler of Egypt.

Novaya Nabereznaya. This embankment is a new park in Atyrau.

Stele. A monument of traditional Kazakh art.

Mosque. Sometimes they let you inside. Nearby is a square with a monumental complex dedicated to Isatay Taimanov and Makhambet Utemisov, leaders of the Kazakh uprising

91-meter Flagpole monument

Atyrau City Exhibition Centre


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